Sites We Publish


A partial list of some of the sites we publish. This will hopefully give you an idea of the breadth of the projects which we at RTN like to take on.

Burdi Chiropractic

To be honest, Burdi Chiropractic was one of my first sites (and the oldest that's still running). This redesign brought it into the year 2000 with a bang.

When I have some free time I'll make sure to place up the before and after... Let's just say in the last ten years I've learned some tricks.

I will note that when i gave this site to my dad it was working, but he is able to break apart sites faster than anyone i've designed for (which i guess is good practice and why i mainly template to a CMS). But I keep up the link since the original design did work and wasn't broken. Even if what you see now is no longer what i provided.

Dinosaur Facts

This was a site I designed to introduce me to using Joomla. I'd worked with content management systems before (on uBloop and zunetunes). While I was learning to use Joomla I stuck up some information on various different dinosaurs (actually I had Matt write a lot of the content himself), and let it go. It was a nice way to learn, and bring in a little adsense revenue at the same time.

Also the header was made up of vector images, which gave me a reason to work through Adobe Illustrator. Fun Times!

Harambee Investments

There is an interesting story behind this site. I stumbled into designing it by giving advice on what needed to be fixed for it to run faster. After looking over the code and layout I decided I'd go crazy before finishing.

Seeing how it was a colleague from work who needed the job done, I offered to fix it up myself. This site was a joy because it was one of the first times that I got to use litebox for the image slideshow.

In the end the client was ecstatic with the redesign, and to this day I recieve compliments over how much smoother a process it is to update and run the site.

Hopper Engineering

I've worked for Hopper Engineering for over two years now and decided to redesign the HEA site in early 2008. This is one of the only websites that I do not own yet continually update (I'm not a big fan of creating content for sites I don't own and feel my time could be better spent).

I've also been optimizing the HEA website for search engines to try and drive traffic (while tracking the progress on a statistics program). To date i've had about a 10% increase in traffic per month (which i hope to be able to continue).

The great benefit I get in running my companies site is that I get an inside look into how markets are shifting, and what future work we may be gathering. And obviously, there's always benefits of helping the company you work for grow.


I've always had a passion for music. Growing up I played the clarinet, the baritone, the mellophone, the trumpet, the trombone and the guitar (along with of course banging on some drums every now and again).

Instrumentionary is my outlet to my musical side. I mean who wouldn't enjoy watching videos of the best musicians in their field while figuring out the best way to convince people pick up and instrument and play a little (and i even found some really nifty instruments that i had never heard of). Similar to Dinosaurfacts i used Joomla to design this site. That probably means my next one will have to be a wordpress site.

But most importantly Joomla+Litebox+Automated Thumbnail maker = AWESOME!

uBloop Library

The goal of is to provide the most user-friendly access to the largest collection of high quality, free text anywhere on the internet. We have a large collection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, quotes, and references which we provide free of charge.

uBloop was RTN's first major project and in designing it we all learned alot, made mistakes, but got it right in the end. The site continues to evolve as we put more technological advances into its interface and design.

Since its inception in 2003 RTN has striven to create a clean useful website utilizing standards, elegant technical design and simple, effective presentation.

A Wiki for all those Engineers out there

WikiEngineer is my current love child and I wouldn't have it any other way. I designed this site from the wiki up, and have added a large amount of modifications to adapt it to the world of engineering. I started the site to help me study for my Professional Engineering certification and have added to it since then in the hope of creating an enginereing library of information.

Going to school for an engineering degree was difficult for many reasons, but I hope this site will become a place to unify the knowledge available, and tackle new problems.

My favorite parts of this site are the equation editor, and glossary. Check them out if you get the chance!

Zune is a site based around Microsoft's popular MP3 player Zune. Seeing that Zune has only recently launched, ZT has mainly focused on giving the reader facts and comparisons regarding zune. Plans include launching a store, and also a community in the near future.

This site was very fun for the members of RTN, mainly because we got to put a personal touch into the design, which ended up exceeding our expectations.

Although along with the Zune i do not update this site (it just wasn't the ipod killer it was cracked up to be), but i do leave it online since i still love how it looks (and this is just fun isn't it?)

Feel free to check back regularly to see what else RTN is up to on the www.