Meet the Crew

November 2006

Currently RTN comprises of three individules, who together are able to do more, faster, and better than alone. Therefore, it is my belief that we have comprised a rather efficient crew.


The man behind the myth. A civil engineer by trade, JB began uBloop (RTN's first project) as a hobby. He now tries as best as possible to run the day to day operations of the RTN network (a task in and of itself at times), while constantly pushing it into new directions with new ideas. He will bounce around from project to project but you can usually find him rummaging through different web design forums, trying to keep up to date on the different standards.

Also a passion for design leads JB to be one of the main visionaries as to what the site will end up looking like. Aside from design he helps with the optimization and marketing of the different sites.


The man who runs the day to day (and also a student studying business). It is one thing to constantly push a network to expand. But difficulties can also arise in keeping that network from crumbling down.

Matt's job is to run the sites by: constantly updating them, reading emails, creating content, while at the same time learning the business.

The RTN network may seem rather three musketeer-ish, and in fact it is. We have been fortunate to find different individules that have been able to create a rather unique company with a lofty goal. Redefining the net we know.

Feel free to contact anyone from RTN through our contact page.